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Bernadette Somers is a qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor and is the founder and sole teacher of Perfect Balance classes. Bernadette also offers Intuitive Counselling, Mentorship and runs a variety of health and wellness programs.

Perfect Balance


Bernadette Somers

Bernadette Somers has worked as a Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and has a keen interest in Meditation, Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

Bernadette is a writer and about to publish her first book, this is a self help book designed as a road map to living a balanced and happy life.


Achieving Physical Balance

In the Perfect Balance classes Bernadette teaches a unique method that assists clients to achieve balance. Bernadette combines pilates, postural advice, pelvic floor exercses and functional roller stretching to assist clients back into physical alignment. Bernadette also uses her intuitive skills, meditation and music to further promote balance of Mind Body and Spirit. 


Achieving Nutritional Balance

With Bernadette's interest in Nutrition, Health and Wellness she has devised a program called Reboot Week. The clients participate in a group challenge five times a year which implements Bernadette's advice on healthier eating habits. 

The focus of Reboot Week is based on increasing the intake of fresh vegetables and fruit, adding recommended food based supplements whilst omitting alcohol and caffeine.


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