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Bernadette Somers

Bernadette Somers is an Author,Intuitive Mentor, Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Life Coach . She teaches Mindful Meditation,and runs Health and Wellness Programs . She is the founder and sole teacher of Perfect Balance classes which promote balance of mind, body and spirit.

Bernadette is the author of YOLK  - A guide to connection in this life and beyond. This book is a roadmap on how to connect within in order to live a fully expressed life. It contains stories that illustrate that this connection continues after death and that our departed loved ones remain connected to provide us with ongoing love and support 


Achieving Physical Balance

In the Perfect Balance classes Bernadette teaches a unique method that assists clients to achieve balance. Bernadette combines pilates, postural advice, pelvic floor exercses and functional roller stretching to assist clients back into physical alignment. Bernadette also uses her intuitive skills, meditation and music to further promote balance of Mind Body and Spirit. 


Intuitive Mentorship and Holistic Health Coaching

With Bernadette's interest in Health and Wellness, she coaches clients on achieving balance of mind, body and spirit. Bernadette also sees clients privately for intuitive counselling where she draws on her skills as an intuitive and a medium. 

Yolk Book Video

Bernadette Somers has just released her first book entitled 'Yolk'.


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Yolk - A guide to connection in this life and beyond


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Yolk is a book based on the metaphor that the sum of our best parts , our essence or Yolk is found within, beneath our shell. This book guides us in a step by step guide on how to connect within in order to live a fully expressed life. The book contains stories of love after death and evidence of afterlife, illustrating that the yolks of our departed loved ones live on to guide us .

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